2017 Assignments



JANUARY – Your favorite “five” photos from 2016
FEBRUARY  – Artificial Light
MARCH  – Winter: snow, Ice, outdoor sports, etc.
APRIL – Night Photography
MAY – Children
JUNE – Nature
JULY – Landscape
AUGUST – Animals
SEPTEMBER – Action (first Monday is Labor Day)
OCTOBER – Monochrome: Digital and/or print
NOVEMBER – Fall colors
DECEMBER – Christmas Party — Print & bring your best 2017 photo

Be sure to view galleries from several of these topics on the page: Past Photo Assignment Galleries

Camera Club of Central Minnesota
Topics for 2018
(Tentative List for 2018 – Subject to Revision)

January Night: shoot street lights, star light, Christmas lights, lighted buildings, etc.

February: Architecture: New or old buildings – local or from your travels.

March: Rural: Could be fields, animals, harvesting, country landscapes, etc.

April: Moving Water: waterfalls, dams, fountains, streams, etc.

May: People: showing emotion, activities, musicians, etc.

June: Sports: Any of the traditional sports or it could even be a rodeo or auto race, etc.

July: Flowers: Formal gardens, wildflowers, close-ups, still life, etc.

August: A National, State or Local Park – spend a day or part of a day
Photographing there and bring your five favorite shots for that day or time you were there.

September: State, county fair, local celebration or carnival: They are full of color and action.

October Wildlife: This could be something as small as a dragonfly or as large as a Bison.

November: Fall colors

December: Holiday Gathering: Submit your favorite five photos of the year and we will put them together into a slide show. Send them to jbregan063@gmail.com