2019 Assignments



Monday January 7, 2019, Bremer Community Room 104, Travel Photos: show us some of the interesting places or things you did last year. They can be close at hand or travels to a distant state or country.

Monday February 4, 2019, Bremer Community Room 104, Very Little or Very Big: use your imagination and look around you to find interesting scenes or items.

Monday March 4, 2019, Bremer Community Room 104, Color: the color “Red” is suggested. It should be the dominant color or have a significant “Red” object in the photo.

APRIL: Sunrise or Sunset: Sunrise in our area at this time is about 6:30AM and Sunset is about 8:00PM. An hour before or after these times are great times to shoot.

MAY: OUTING: May 6th ?? Quarry Park.
4:00 to 5:00PM: A simple supper at Bruce Regan’s home
– 1063 Sunwood Park Lane, Waite Park, MN.
By 6:00PM: Go to the park (less than a mile). You will
need an annual sticker or daily pass or you can carpool
from Bruce’s house.

JUNE: Churches: Photograph both the inside and outside of the structure. Also, you can shoot a landscape that includes the building. Don’t forget to name the church and its location.

JULY: Munsinger?Clemens Gardens: Shoot close?up or landscapes. Incorporate the structures, benches, trails, the river, etc. The garden is in full bloom in June.

AUGUST: Reflections or Shadows: Wait for those calm evenings or mornings to capture reflected trees, buildings or people. Late afternoon shadows can make for dramatic photos.

SEPTEMBER: Monochrome: Black & White photos present an opportunity to include prints during our monthly gathering. Don’t hesitate to bring some of your favorites.

OCTOBER: Night: Any time after 8:00PM should work. Take street scenes, activities, sports and lighted buildings are examples.

NOVEMBER: Fall colors: Go to some of your favorite places – parks, street scenes, farms and countryside venues. The area around St. Johns University is always a good bet.

DECEMBER: Holiday gathering: Send your “5 Best” of the year to jbregan063@gmail.com so we can project them while we holiday enjoy treats.

Year Long Tasks
Alphabet Challenge: Submit one photo that represents each letter of the
alphabet. For example: apple for “A” ………. Zebra for “Z”
Photos should be taken between March 1st and September 30th.