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Mar 142013





Bill Vossler – “Down Under” Presentation

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Mar 072013

Bill Vossler will present stills and video of his 35-day trip “Down
Under” to New Zealand, Australia, and Tasmania, covering the lifestyle,
flora, fauna, and landscape/cityscape in about 20 minutes. Questions

Thursday, March 14 Camera Club meeting – note change of date for this month’s meeting

March Meeting will be the 14th!

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Feb 222013

Our meeting date will be shifting a bit in the next couple months due to the Library using the Bremer Room on the First Thursday for their own use.
Note that this month we will meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month March 14th.

A large snow storm was predicted for the second week of February and the assignment was to photograph that storm. It was weaker than expected, so feel free to shoot any impact of winter weather imagery you choose. An extra challenge was offered to bring your images mixed with short video clips into a presentation format. For those who have this capability please include video clips with your still images.

Sample of presentation of still images with mixed in video clips:
Although this sample clip is for Aperture, various software can achieve the same type of results. Just be creative and use what is at your disposal.

Our photo subject for March meeting is the forecasted storm for Sunday (February 10th). Shoot images and video clips as well of the big snow (assuming we get the storm). This tutorial shows what I suggested for a slideshow with some video clips added for a presentation. Many programs are capable of doing the basic blending of video and photos. Be sure to watch the final product at the end of this clip to see a sample of a final project. Use MPG4 or AVI as your final file format and bring along to March meeting.

December 6 Holiday Meeting

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Dec 242012

was a great success, special thanks to Mike Foster for putting together a great display of food for all to enjoy!

This year has enjoyed great attendance at each meeting. Be sure to share any ideas you may have for the club to continue to grow and be a viable resource for local photographers to develop their shooting and processing skills.

See you all at the January meeting, the theme is “ICE”.

Tim Gruber guest speaker on November 1st!

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Oct 292012

Tim Gruber, a member of our camera club who originated from Freeport, MN will be our speaker this month, November 1st at 6:45 pm. Please be sure to attend to catch up with Tim on his new work and meet his wife, Jenn Ackerman. They are a husband and wife team based in Minneapolis, MN.
Their work has been described as colorful, genuine, full of life, and respectfully intimate by editors, art directors and curators around the country. They take an authentic approach to their work and specialize in providing images of real people to advertising, corporate and editorial clients. They pride themselves in creating a narrative in every photo they take whether it’s a single image or a series of photos.
Their work has been honored by the Communication Arts Photography Annual, American Photography, PDN Photo Annual, Review Santa Fe Center Project Competition, Photolucida’s Critical Mass, Flash Forward Emerging Photographer, and many others. Their most recent documentary film won an Emmy.
Some of their most recent assignments have included photographing Joe Mauer for ESPN The Magazine, an interactive submarine for Popular Science, The Field of Dreams for The Wall Street Journal and many more.

November 2012 Meeting

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Oct 242012

Please notice that the upcoming meeting dates will appear at the top of the website in the Red Banner at the Left.
Also, note that the link to the Facebook Page is on the right column of links. The meeting is November 1, 2012 in the Bremer Room of the St. Cloud Public Library at 6:45 pm to 8:45 pm.

PHOTO ASSIGNMENT FOR NOVEMBER: Select any spot and photograph within a 25 ft. radius of that spot. Your spot can be anywhere….bring 4 to 6 pics

Please take a moment to visit Vilma Walter’s Gallery of images, link is provided under the Member Photo Galleries. If you are a member of the camera club, you are encouraged to share a link of your online images to share.

December 6 will be our annual Christmas / Holiday meeting, please plan on attending. Mike Foster did an amazing job of creating many great things for everyone to eat last year. We will be discussing the Holiday Get Together at the November meeting.

Please extend your thanks to members who put in extra efforts to make the club possible! Mike Foster for scheduling our meetings at the Library and for keeping track of membership, dues and finances. Richard Heath for writing and composing a very interesting newsletter each month to keep members on top of new trends and local goings-on in photography. And to the members and guest presenters who provide a wealth of imagery to make our meetings interesting.

Camera Club News Please Read

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Sep 082012

Camera Club Members PLEASE READ:

The October meeting will be held the 2nd Thursday of October, rather than the usual first week. Meeting rooms were unavailable at our normal date.
October 11, Thursday at 6:45PM

In honor of October and Halloween, the assignment is to shoot yourself preferably, in a unique manner or character, sort of like a digital costume if you please. Try to be expressive and creative to use your face and image in a surprising or unique way.

Photo assignments are chosen to help photographers shoot new and different subjects or use various techniques that aren’t their usual every day shooting. It is always hoped that members are creating new images for these assignments and that they are shot with intention to best fit that assignment. We have been fortunate that attendance has been plentiful at meetings. Members frequently enjoy including images of other things they have been shooting during the month that are “off-topic” of the assignment, and we don’t want to discourage that. However, we are viewing such a large number of images at the meeting, the images aren’t able to receive the time and discussion that some warrant. Please limit your images to a maximum of 6 photos that you provide on USB stick for the club to view at that meeting. This helps you wisely select the best images to show that best fit the assignment or your current shooting and each image will make a better impact. Limiting one’s gallery to a select number of images always enhances the hook it makes to the viewer.

Please renew your dues each year as you complete a calendar year of membership. We are so fortunate to not have expenses for meeting rooms and that we are able to digitally deliver the newsletter and content on the website. We are not currently faced with any large expenses to meet, and will continue to allow the funds to grow from memberships for possible future projects. We do not wish to have to send out renewal notices so please, on your own honor, make your yearly contribution of $25 to the club.

At one time, the website designer put your contributed images into a gallery for each member, then later we installed a gallery program to host your images. As things have evolved online, we now LINK to member’s online photo galleries as a way to show the body of works that our members create. It is a great asset to the club when you share your online photo galleries as prospective new members can see the range of shooting styles and subjects that makes up our membership. If you wish to have us link to your online website, photo gallery, Flick’r account, etc., please write down the link and bring it to the next meeting. We will update the links once a month as we receive new requests. If you aren’t currently online with a gallery of your images, you may wish to consider Flick’r as a simple way to do so at no cost. Please remember that sharing Facebook pages, would require you to remove all privacy settings from your Facebook page so that those who aren’t in your Friends list are able to see your images.

We do have a Page on Facebook! Please feel free to post crazy new stuff you are shooting or to invite others to join you on a shooting adventure. Please LIKE the page so that your “Friends” on Facebook will see posts on your wall from our club.

Gredo Goldenstein is the host and will lead shooters from the Library through the downtown area over a two hour walk and shoot session to reconvene at the Seven Elephant’s Coffee Shop. Gredo, being a connoisseur of great foods and Coffee guarantees you will enjoy the after-walk get-together!

River Bluffs Regional Park

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Aug 042012

6 September 2012 Camera Club Meeting

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Aug 042012

We will meet in the Bremer Room at 6:45 pm to 8:45 pm
Please shoot and create imagery with the theme of:

Produce, food, from the garden

Also feel free to bring images from your Labor Day Weekend.

We have invited Tim Gruber, originally from Freeport, Minnesota to share his recent work with us. He hopes to attend either in September or October. Look for an updated email regarding guest speaker closer to the meeting date.